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the last one was the ptsd/dead girl/mr rose one?? i planned an evacuation route for that one because i was super super super super super panicky and was almost crying because i just felt uncomfortable. and yea the actors were good but subject matter

same I was like “fuck im going to cry im going to freak out oh god” and it was like a couldnt hold anyone or anything at least i wanted to but it would make them feel awkward so i was like almost hyperventilating. it reminded me of my friend leaving me and how it pretty much traumatized me. then she was like all sad and in the fetal position and getting reckless and the drugs seemed like my substitute for something else and i was like well fuck this makes me feel great and i was sitting there wondering how you were feeling. cuz eric didnt really understand and meranda gasped a few times but it didnt really surprise me cuz i know that downward spiral and just


  1. heterozyghosts said: yea I know its just like the interactions between the therapist and Madison and the nightmares and stuff and the drugs??? it all just hit way way way too close to home. (we should have sat next to each other b/c i was doing the same thing)
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