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ME TOO oh my god (i have a really awful laugh reflex and laugh at shit when i get really uncomfortable like i kept laughing during the 4th play but was like panicking on the inside) (so i laughed at that part but in an uncomfortable way)

I do a nervous smile thing and almost laugh sort of?? it’s like a slight breathing you would do when you chuckle quietly or something like it’s not really audible to anyone but yeah idk if you like actually laugh or if it’s like that? but I don’t remember that one, was it the divorce one? I felt panicky through like every single one, especially the last one, so I don’t remember which is was

  1. heterozyghosts said: the last one was the ptsd/dead girl/mr rose one?? i planned an evacuation route for that one because i was super super super super super panicky and was almost crying because i just felt uncomfortable. and yea the actors were good but subject matter
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